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The badge we've come to associate as players with the Autobots is actually called the First Face, and it's an ancient Cybertronian symbol. It's been used down through time as the symbol of authority, of the primes, and of goverment. It's the planetary banner and symbol that other species in the galaxy associate with Cybertron. This is why characters like the Camiens have the Autobot symbol, despite their colonies having been formed long before Nova was even a prime.

Secondly the term "autobot" is actually a -perjorative- used by other species to describe the the Cybertronian species as little more than drones locked into their specific tasks, no better than cogs in a machine. Orion Pax has proposed 'taking back the name' and making it into something better. Pax will try to clean up the first face and the Autobot name to make it what it should have been all along.

This means that the Autobots faction you see in roster is actually representative of any characters who have any position of authority, both good and bad. When the war actually starts, Orion Pax and a team of specialists (read: the Autobot faction you all know and love) will become the -official- Autobot faction - the good guys who are trying to dig themselves out of a corrupt system while keeping the Decepticons from killing en masse.

So if your character is very neutral leaning, not a soldier, etc., and you're listed as Autobot, have no fear - you'll have time to declare a side later. Right now, all the Autobot faction tag means is that you are part of the status quo. 

Radio Frequencies

If you are new and have no radio, type: +radio/on to set it up. Then copy and paste the following:

+radio/set a=A-Globalband/101.1

+radio/set b=B-Distress/113.1

+radio/set c=C-Bot-Chatter/220.9

+radio/set d=D-Bot-Mission/221.9

And if you have a rank of 6 or more:

+radio/set e=E-Bot-Command/222.9

Faction Setup

OOC: This is a work in progress. Will change as things change on grid.

Command Staff

Currently, the Autobots are under the control of Zeta Prime, with Prowl serving as his second in command. OOCly, the faction command staff is set up as follows:

Command Staff
Rank Name Position
10 Orion Pax Commander
9 Jazz Executive Officer

Front Line Units

Aerospace / Aerialbots


The answer to the Seekers, the Aerialbots are those Autobots that have been gifted with an air mode, and are capable of engaging Decepticons on where they usually hold superiority - in the air and in space:

Rank Name Position
7 Sky Lynx Lieutenant Commander
6 Silverbolt Aerialbot Commander
3 Air Raid Aerialbot
2 Fireflight Aerialbot
2 Skydive Aerialbot
2 Slingshot Aerialbot

Elite Guard

Elite Guard

The Cybertron Elite Guard is the pinnacle of the Autobot military force, reserved for only the most distinguished graduates of the Autobot Academy. Its members are specialists, masters in their fields, and the unit is only called upon in the most dire of situations.

Elite Guard
Rank Name Position
8 Ultra Magnus Elite Guard Commander
6 Springer Trioian Guard Commander
4 Roadbuster Soldier
3 Sandstorm Elite Guardsman

Heavy Assault

Wreckers symbol

These are the Autobots who are generally considered the front line trooper. They bring the heavy guns to battle and are generally the troops that are expected to hammer the Decepticon lines.

Elite Guard
Rank Name Position
7 Kup Veteran Soldier
7 Ironhide Executive Officer
5 Impactor Field Commander
3 Whirl Enforcer
3 Brawn Demolitions
2 Warpath Heavy Assault

Rapid Response Team

These are the Autobots that are generally the first to the line. The ones that are reactive to Decepticon attacks, or proactive in missions.

Rapid Response Team
Rank Name Position
10 Orion Pax Field Commander
4 Blurr Racer / Courier
4 Road Rage Bodyguard / Diplomat
3 Sideswipe Enforcer
1 Ariel Dancer

Special Operations

Special Operations

The Autobot special operations take on the uncover work for the cause. If there is a special mission, something that noone else can possibly do, this is the team that can do it.

Special Operations
Rank Name Position
9 Jazz Special Operations Leader
3 Skids Theoretician
3 Cosmos Recon and Communications
3 Acuity Peace Officer
2 Arcee Field Operative

Support Units



Medical, Sciences, Engineering. This is the division where all of the medics, inventors and scientists gather together to figure out new ways to advance Autobot science and create a better future for us all. Thank goodness their labs are explosion proof.

Elite Guard
Rank Name Position
7 Ratchet Chief Medical Officer
6 Rung Psychiatrist
4 Wheeljack Inventor
3 Feint Psychological Warfare
3 Cascade Historian / Archeologist
2 Swerve Metallurgist
2 Torque Mechanic

Security Forces

Security Forces

Responsible for the internal affairs and security of the Autobots, these mechs and femmes make sure that the Autobots have a safe place to lay their heads for recharge and handle internal issues. So if you steal someone's dental brush, expect Prowl at your door.

Security Forces
Rank Name Position
8 Prowl Tactician / Investigator
4 Vision Scout

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