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April 2015--??

Cybertron has become increasingly divided. With the mass murder of the Cybertronian Senate and Sentinel Prime by the violent uprising of those called Decepticons, those who once feared to speak out against the injustices heaped on them have been emboldened. Violent outbursts, terrorist actions and secret resistance cells have sprung up across the planet. Zeta of Sistex, a former commander in the Cybertronian Security Forces, had been named the new Prime. Cybertron now stands on the brink: Six city-states - Vos, Tarn, Kaon, Helex, Tesarus and Nyon - have become torn in conflict between Autobot forces trying to keep the peace, and Decepticon "terror" cells hidden by the populations themselves. Decepticons recruit freely from Nyon, whose citizens are rallying behind a new rebellion leader: Hot Rod. A member of the New Senate is a Decepticon traitor, whispering Zeta's plans into Megatron's ears -- and perhaps a bit of the opposite as well. Ultra Magnus has been appointed to lead the new Elite Guard, and Orion Pax has been refitted for combat. Civil war has begun.


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