A subgroup is a team, special frame type or tribe of Cybertronian that share similar features, biology, abilities or origin point. Many classic Combiner teams fall into the category of a subgroup as they share a common trait (becoming part of the Combiner). As the IDW More Than Meets The Eye and Robots In Disguise books have only a handful of the original Combiner teams as actual combiners, we have opted to source these teams as being from one of the many Cybertronian colony worlds.

Special traits that qualify for subgroup status:

  • Being part of a Generation 1 combiner team. On Transformers: Robots in Disguise MUSH, these teams can include more than just the original individuals, such as Knock Out being classified as a Stunticon, or Powerglide as an Aerialbot. Original characters may also apply to become part of these teams.
  • Being from a colony world such as Animatron, Combatron or Caminus.
  • Being a part of a specialized frame-type, such as Insecticons, Carriers or Minicons.
  • Being a part of a specialized organization, such as the Wreckers, the Decepticon Justice Division, Squadron X, etc.

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