What is a TP?
TP stands for "TinyPlot", which is generally a series of scenes revolving around a central storyline. TPs should have a clear beginning and end, and should involve some form of core conflict. TPs may be run by staff or players; however, player-run plots must be approved by staff.

If you have an idea for a TP, feel free to run it by staff or bounce ideas off of your fellow players. If you need help organizing your ideas, you may find some of the questions below helpful.

Give an overview of the plot's events and intended conclusion. Is the plot intended to be heavily improvised, flexible and open ended, structured but flexible, or structured with few points of potential deviancy? How long do you expect it to take? Come upwith a general outline of the story's introduction, main conflict, and conclusion.

What sort of scale does your plot have? In other words, how large of an area will it affect? Will it affect one city block? Just a small group of people? An entire city, the entire planet or even the entire galaxy? Plots with major repercussions for an entire city or beyond that will be subject to heavier scrutiny by staff.

What is the plot's intended outcome? Will it have any lasting or permanent consequences for the characters involved? If so, please be sure that anyone affected is OOCly fully aware of the potential consequences of their involvement in the story.

Need an example? Click below for TPs that have been logged previously, or are currently in progress on the game.

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