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or many vorns, the oppressive Senate and the corrupt Primal lineage have ruled Cybertron with an iron fist of strictly Functionist policies. After an attack landed Nominus Prime in critical condition, martial law, otherwise known as The Clampdown, went into effect. Those in power are constantly hunting for opportunities to gain even more control over the rest of the world, and will do whatever it takes to stay in power, quietly silencing those who would dare challenge their authority or question their decisions.

The poor and downtrodden are treated as refuse; in many cases even being denied the basic rights of a sentient being. Tensions are rising, as the oppressed begin to demand fair treatment. How to solve this problem is fracturing civilization into factions, each with their own answer to corruption. Will you side with the Autobots, who want to work peacefully within the system to eliminate corruption, or will you join the Decepticons, who want to destroy the system by force in order to build something new?

ATTENTION: Unfortunately, this game was suddenly shut down in July 2015 by the headwiz. This wiki merely remains up for the purpose of preserving the legacy of the many good times had. But do not lose spark! All hope is not lost! If you find yourself wishing there could have been more, please visit The Dark Eras MUSH wiki to find out where you can go to continue your Transformers roleplaying adventures!

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Cybertron now stands on the brink: Six city-states - Vos, Tarn, Kaon, Helex, Tesarus and Nyon - have become torn in conflict between Autobot forces trying to keep the peace, and Decepticon "terror" cells hidden by the populations themselves. Decepticons recruit freely from Nyon, whose citizens are rallying behind a new rebellion leader: Hot Rod. A member of the New Senate is a Decepticon traitor, whispering Zeta's plans into Megatron's ears -- and perhaps a bit of the opposite as well. Ultra Magnus has been appointed to lead the new Elite Guard, and Orion Pax has been refitted for combat. Civil war has begun.

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