Staff List

Handle Alias Position
Antares MOO2 Character Staff/Theme
Ashen-Shugar ash RhostMUSH Developer/Code Staff
Csilla Csi Neutral Faction Staff/Archivist
Noveria Nov Autobot Faction Staff
Pandora Pan Code Staff
Qo'nos Q Decepticon Faction Staff

If you'd like to contact any of us privately, you may page or mail by typing the name or alias of the individual you'd like to speak with. If you're unsure of who to ask, here is a quick breakdown of what each role is responsible for:

Character Staff

Antares is in charge of character approval and generation, and is the head staffer on the game. Questions about applications, character stats, or any other character-related matters should be directed her way. Also, you may contact her if you run into an issue that no one else seems to be able to help you with, or if you have a conflict with another staff member you have been unable to resolve despite your best attempts.

Code Staff

Not sure how to use a command? Have a code suggestion? Need the syntax for something? Run into a bug, or get trapped somewhere? Want to create an object and make it look awesome but not sure how to do it? When it comes to code, Pandora and/or Ashen-Shugar are going to be your best resources. 

Faction Staff

Faction staff currently function in a similar manner to TP staff. Got a TP or scene idea? Want to RP but not sure what to do?  Need to get your character hooked into his/her faction? Question about what a certain faction is about? Talk to your friendly faction staff. Noveria in the case of the Autobots, Csilla for Neutrals (anyone not Autobot or Decepticon), and Qo'nos for Decepticons.