The Story of Our Creation Edit

As told by Cyclonus in IDW's Transofmers More Than Meets the Eye Annual 2012: Primus.
In the beginning, moments after "The Formatting", when the First Light was still questing forth, all were one -- and his name was Primus. Primus -- Warrior God! Forged in the Universal Furnace, conceived as a reaction to his opposite. And as Primus walked the surface of Cybertron, across the Miracle Planet, he felt an urgency in his body -- something hot and coiled and rootless: A nest of sparks.

Without hesitation, he broke apart his body, giving the lives inside him full force of expression. And so One became Five.

Mortilus. The Death Bringer -- the necessary corollary to life.

Solomus! Wisdom Incarnate!

Primus! Light-Giver! Life-Giver!

Epsitemus! Knowledge Personified!

Adaptus! Blessed with an infinity of shapes.

Together, they were known as "The Guiding Hand".

A nurturing presence, forever remote but always within reach, The Hand populated the planet with a single gesture. Primus decreed that every Cybertronian should provide for his brethern, and so he bless all his children with a Second Shape that would most efficiently meet the need of the planet and its inhabitants. And thus began the first Golden Age.

But Mortilus was restless. He believed that the Hand should become a Fist, striking out at the rest of the Universe.

There was division. There was disharmony. The Hand began to lose its grip. Mortilus stood against Primus, triggering a conflict so great that Cybertron shuddered and the first moon was ripped asunder. Mortilus was eventually destroyed but at great cost to the rest of The Guiding Hand.

Close to death, Primus sought refuge at the Heat of Cybertron, reintegrating himself with the folds of circuitry from which he had first sprung. Over time, his body became known as Vector Sigma, the source of All Sparks - all sentience.

Mortilus' last act had been to trap Solomus within a crystal prison -- but the wise Solomus was able to reconfigure his prison so that it became a conduit for Vector Sigma. But more than life, his gift to future generations was his wisdom.

Epistemus and Adaptus were not so lucky: Mortilus stripped them bare, reducing Epistemus to a Brain Module and Adaptus to a Transformation Cog. Before they died, they offered themselves as blueprints for future generations, thereby ensuring that Cybertronians had intellect and functionality to meet the demands made by their environment.

And because Mortilus had been killed -- because death itself died -- the Sparks of future Cybertronians would burn forever. The generation of Cybertronians who had first inherited these gifts - Sentience, Wisdom, Intellect, Change and Immortality - vowed to put them to good use, and left their miracle world to spread peace and happiness across the universe.

Over time they became known as -- The Knights of Cybertron.